A Video Walkthrough

FotoZap®Photo Sharing for Brands

Delight your Customers

A Tool for Brand Ambassadors

Give the gift of a personal photo or video to your guests. Brand staff use the FotoZap app to capture a customer's experience, then scan a Giveaway Card and hand it to the customer. Customers view the image on a branded microsite and then share the story with their friends on Social.

Brands can outfit any size network of front-line employees with FotoZap, and see the results in real-time. Every time a consumer shares the story of their experience online, the brand wins hearts and minds ...and gathers actionable data.

Capture Photos and Videos
Capture images of customers enjoying your product or standing with your cause

Hand Out Giveaway Cards
Scan and hand them a branded giveaway, this turns access to the images into a gift

Custom Web Microsite
Customers go online to the custom microsite to view and share their story



How to use the FotoZap app

Main Capture Screen
From here you can capture photos and videos of a group of guests.

The Scanner 
Once you click the Scanner button on the main screen this screen appears.

Just position the QR code on the giveaway card in front of the camera as shown. It will capture quickly and snap back to the main capture screen.

Capture Screen
Once the app recognizes the code on a giveaway, it instantly returns to this screen. The counter in the lower left shows the total number of photos and codes scanned in this photo session.

Upload Photo Session
Press the blue Upload Photo Session button in the lower left, and all photos/videos and scans get linked together and queued for upload. Each giveaway code in the session can view all the images in that session.

Now you are ready for your next guest or group of guests.

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